E3 2014 Event Summary

E3 Summary


Last year having been almost totally overtaken by new console hardware, this is the first E3 of the new generation to focus entirely on games with only a nod given to some new hardware. The showings were strong strong and varied from all camps and there’s a lot to break down. With that being said, let’s dive in.

  • Microsoft reminded us why we love them.
  • EA reminded us that they make sports games.
  • Ubisoft brought their triple A game.
  • Sony couldn’t decided what to show, so they showed everything.
  • Nintendo… something-something ZELDA!!!
  • In the world of press conference spectacle there are no winners or losers, but I pick ’em anyway.

All in all, this was a good E3 for gamers, but I get the distinct feeling that next year will be better. The first year of any new console is always the weakest, with developers still porting releases from older consoles and cutting their teeth on new hardware. Once they begin to fully embrace the nuances and subtleties of next gen hardware (triggers with feedback, touch pads and light bars on controllers) you’ll see richer experiences with greater frequency.

Long story short: if you liked this year’s E3 then just wait until you see what next year holds.

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