WTG Episode 17: FaIl TV 2015

On This Episode:

Thanks to Adam’s move we were forced to take some time off… He’s so inconsiderate. So much time that FALL IS UPON US. And with that it’s time for our now annual: FALL TV PREVIEW. Where we talk about the shows that will suck, the shows that will be great and the shows that will slowly drain all of our free time away because we have to watch them.  Ladies, Gentlemen and non-gender-conforming humans it’s time for Fail TV.

fail tv 2015

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WTG Episode 7: CANCELLED! (Not us… Bad Fall TV!)

On this episode:

The WhatTheGrok crew goes solo and spends an hour or so talking about the Best & Worst of this Fall’s TV schedule. From horrible new TV to our picks for the best (albeit geeky) things to watch this year we un-expertly break it down.



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