WTG GrokPick 4: Favorite Cards from M15

Grok Pick 4 – Favorite Cards from M15

Hornets! Skulls! Slivers! Artifacts! 

The crew was told to pick 1 card each from the M15 to be their favorite (and some of them failed miserably to do so). On this episode’s GrokPick: Shake, Joe, Bryan and Adam cover their favorite card(s) from the new set and give a bit of a preview on some of the best selling cards in set – before it’s even been released.


Our Picks:
Hornet NestConstricting SliverProfane MementoEnsoul Artifact


Adam: Hornet Nest
Reason: Awesomely Flavorful

Joe:  Constricting Sliver
Reason: It’s cool? (We have no idea – He should’ve picked Sliver Hivelord!)

Bryan:  Profane Memento
Reason: The Art is awesome and the card is good to.

Shake: Ensoul Artifact
Reason: Turn 2 5/5!



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