WTG Episode 18: BOOKS! Part 1

On This Episode:

The boys are once again joined by Danny to talk about three of their favorite recent reads: Ready Player One, Armada and The Martian. It’s the first volume of the WhatTheGrok BOOK CLUB!

(WARNING: This episode contains a BOATLOAD of spoilers!)


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WTG Episode 15: GENCON LIVE!

On This Episode:

Adam and Joe travel to Indianapolis, play some games and interview Rob Dougherty – CEO of White Wizard Games and Magic Hall of Famer. (Also the creator of Star Realms, EPIC Card Game and a co-creator of Ascension.) Recorded live from the Star Realms tables at GENCON 2015!



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WTG Episode 6: We Didn’t Prep For This…

On this episode:

Danny once again joins the WhatTheGrok crew to talk about a smattering of random topics including Destiny, Lots of Apple News and Adam’s favorite time travel movie of the moment: Edge of Tomorrow.

WTG Episode 6



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Microsoft @ E3 2014



Microsoft has taken a ton of flack since several PR and messaging missteps last year left a bad taste in the mouths of many of it’s once most ardent supporters. They’ve worked very hard since then and have course corrected very deftly leading into this year’s E3. Having listened to the market and made several changes to the Xbox One (doing away with confusing and draconian DRM, removing always-online system requirements, and offering a Kinectless system) Microsoft is in a much better place than they were a year ago.

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