Who are you?

WhatTheGrok is a conversational podcast created on a whim. Recorded by regular geeks, for regular geeks covering all the usual suspects of fandom.

From comics, movies, music and games to politics and technology. If it’s cool and someone can have an opinion about it: we’ll talk about it.

Disclaimer: Every geek has holes in their fandom. So, if we screw up some detail; feel free to let us know.


The Hosts:

Bryan (@bigolbp)

Gamertag: BPWyndon (XBL)
Occupation: Student & Veteran US Navy, Master-At-Arms 2nd Class Petty Officer
Grok: Fantasy, Espionage, Business, Psychology & History
Fandoms: Books, Magic, Game Of Thrones/Fire & Ice, Sons of Anarchy, Mass Effect and History.

We refer to Bryan as “the talent” here at WTG. What this really means is he is only responsible for showing up and talking – nothing else. He’s also the most likely make off-color jokes.


Joe (@BazookaCamel)

Gamertag: BazookaCamel (PSN & Steam)
Occupation: Lab equipment repair technician
Grok: Cooking, Video Games, Comic Books, TV, and Sci-Fi Novels
Fandoms: The Flash, Arrow, Uncharted (the PlayStation series), Chicago Blackhawks

Adam (@McAtoms)

Gamertag: McAtoms (XBL)
Occupation: Guy who makes things… Mostly online.
Grok: Technology, Marketing, Science Fiction, Time Travel and Common Sense
Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek, Apple, Robots, DSM, Spider-Man and (almost) anything time travel related.

By trade he makes things for the internet. (Which is also what he does for fun… go figure) Likes wit, tacos and mixed drinks. He’s the most likely to bitch about off-color jokes and the one who does all the recording, editing and website upkeep.