WTG Episode 15: GENCON LIVE!

On This Episode:

Adam and Joe travel to Indianapolis, play some games and interview Rob Dougherty – CEO of White Wizard Games and Magic Hall of Famer. (Also the creator of Star Realms, EPIC Card Game and a co-creator of Ascension.) Recorded live from the Star Realms tables at GENCON 2015!



Sadly Bryan could not join us for this episode but to make up for it friends of the show Noah and Jordan Miller join us to talk about cosplay, table top games and play a super abridged version of Superfight! with Adam and Joe.

Then the boys are joined by Rob Dougherty to talk about our favorite deck building game Star Realms and get the inside scoop on his newest creation: EPIC Card Game.


WhatTheGrok Live!

jordan and noah

Joe and Adam

Here’s the full list of games we talk about on the episode:

Poop the Game – A card game about everyone’s favorite number 2.

Pairs – The new classic pub game.

Cards Against Humanity – A party game for horrible people.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig – The board game where you play an architect for a crazy king.

Stockpile – An insider trading stock market board game.

Battletech – The classic giant mech based miniatures game.

Trains and Trains: Rising Sun – The train tycoon building board game.

Star Realms – Space based Deck Building Game  .

EPIC Card Game – TCG Style Card Game without the TCG cost.

SUPERFIGHT! – A game of absurd arguments.

Exploding Kittens – The game of exploding cats from The Oatmeal.


This Episodes Audio Bumps from:

Doubleclicks – TableTop Games

Minecraft Creeper Song


And once you listen to the episode don’t forget to enter our contest to win the Cards Against Humanity Reject Pack 2. All it takes to enter is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter by August 15th. So GET ON IT!


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