WTG Episode 4: Magic: The Blabbering

On this episode:

The guys are joined by their resident amateur-professional Magic player, Shake. Who joins us to talk a little news and A LOT of Magic: The Gathering.

Specifically the Magic 2015 Core Set.



We cover the new Planeswalkers, some new versions of old Legends and a pretty random assortment of other goodies in the set.

(BTW: Magic 2015 will be available to purchase on Friday July 18th! Go to Wizards.com to find a store near you!)

Grok Pick – Favorite Cards from M15

Hornets! Skulls! Slivers! Artifacts! 

The crew was told to pick 1 card each from the M15 to be their favorite (and some of them failed miserably to do so). On this episode’s Grok Pick, Shake, Joe, Bryan and Adam cover their favorite card(s) from the new set and give a bit of a preview on some of the best selling cards in set – before it’s even been released.


Our Picks:
Hornet Nest Constricting SliverProfane MementoEnsoul Artifact


Adam: Hornet Nest
Reason: Awesomely Flavorful

Joe:  Constricting Sliver
Reason: It’s cool? (We have no idea – He should’ve picked Sliver Hivelord!)

Bryan:  Profane Memento
Reason: The Art is awesome and the card is good to.

Shake: Ensoul Artifact
Reason: Turn 2 5/5!



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