WTG Shortcast – GrokPick: Summer TV (Ep 3)

GrokPick from Episode 3 This episode covers our suggestions for great TV shows to get caught up with this summer. Binge TV   What the hell is a “GrokPick”? Every episode of WhatTheGrok we end the show with our “Grok Pick” – A segment we use to share something we’re recently been really into and that we want to share with you. A normal WTG is about an hour long while this segment is usually only about 20 minutes. So, going forward we’re going to release each episode’s GrokPick as it’s own standalone shortcast – That way if you don’t have time to listen to the the entire WTG Episode (Or you aren’t quite sure about WTG and just want a taste) you can still check out our picks.


or just stream it below…


  1. Watch Legit – freshly canceled by FX. But you’ll like it. Really one of liked Orange is the New Black? Seriously?

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